CAG Equipment

The CAG has decided to sell the equipment we have owned for many years. The reason for this is mainly that without there being easily available means of transport the kit was used by only a small number of clubs - whereas the cost of maintenance etc was shared by us all.

We first offered the equipment to the clubs that have been looking after it.

The remaining items (below) are now available at discounted prices via a sealed bid auction to members of the CAG on the understanding that they are not resold outside the CAG. Unsold items at the end of the auction will be advertised generally through Pitchcare, Ebay etc.
The sale will take the form of a private bid by email to Brian Huxley at , highest bid over the guide price will be deemed to be the successful bid . Sale starts 1st April and ends midnight 14th April . Machinery may be viewed at the various locations by arrangement and the successful bidder will be responsible for the transport. Please note the guide price is our minimum expected price. Good Luck!!





SISIS MK4 Autorake

- Guide price £2000 can be viewed at Sale CC – contact Sean Nichol on 07812 576974 Comes with brush and Tungsten tipped blades.

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Groundsman Spiker

- Guide price £1750 can be viewed at Oulton Park CC – contact Mike Garnett on 07966508724

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Groundsman Spiker (slightly older)

- Guide price £1500 can be viewed at Timperley CC  - contact Andy Horsfield on 07833 704611

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Groundsman Spiker with Micro or Standard Tines

We have two Groundsman's Spikers the more recent one is currently at Oulton Park CC(£1750). The other at Timperley CC(£1500)

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 Scarifier - SISIS Autorake MK4

The SISIS Autorake is at Sale CC (£2000)

Note this machine comes with a set of Tungsten tipped blades and a brush cartridge

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 Scarifier - SISIS Autoseeder and/or scarifier