Cheshire Association of Groundsmen

Chairman                                                                                Secretary                                                                                Treasurer

Brian Huxley                                                                                           Dave Twiney

Rothesey                                                                                                  31 Clay Lane

Church Road                                                                                            Timperley

Saugall Chester                                                                                        Cheshire

CH1 6EP                                                                                                  WA15 7 AF

Minutes of  AGM held at Timperley Sports Club on Monday 12/Nov at 7.30 p.m.

Present                    Brian Huxley(Saughall CC), Dave Twiney(Timperley), Brian Jarrard(Tattenhall),  John Petch(Hale Barns),  Richard Cragg(Bramhall),  Ian Schora(Hale Barns),Andy Pickles (Cheadle Hulme),Andrew Horsfield(Timperley), John Herriot (Wilmslow), Les Hart (Wilmslow),Stan Aspinall (Stockport Trinity),Brian Birtles (Ashley), Mark Samaru(Toft), Paul Heades (Brooklands), Nick James (Pitch Advisor), Paul Agar (Pitch Advisor), Rick Gleave (Kerridge), Bob Saberton (Lymm OP)


Minutes of last AGM

Brian Huxley summarised last AGM minutes and asked that these be accepted – agreed by the meeting.

Chairman’s Report

 Welcome to our 2018AGM . Let me start by saying that you all deserve a huge pat on the back for producing quality wickets in what must have been the worst season for many years ! Excessive rainfall in early spring and then the dryest and hottest summer for 50 years , conditions to test the skills of us all . Thanks to Paul Agar and Nick James for all the advice offered to clubs in these difficult conditions .

  I approached the 4c’s in late March/early April to see if they could advise the leagues to delay the start of the season by a couple of weeks, the UK Fast league allowed clubs the option of postponing the first fixture and rearranging by the end of May . This was very useful to clubs with volunteer groundsmen with neither the time or resources of the bigger clubs – let’s hope 2019 season will have better weather.


  Unfortunately I have had  health issues this year and have been advised to step back from my commitments so I intend to step down from the position of Chairman , Richard Cragg has offered to take over and I am sure that with his knowledge and enthusiasm he will be a great asset to the CAG . 


   It has been my pleasure and privilege to have served as Chairman and I would like to thank the committee for their comprehensive support and wish them the very best for the coming season .



Secretary’s Report

Not a good year. The level 1A course was cancelled through lack of interest. The 1B course went ahead with the minimum attendance. We are currently struggling to get enough to run a level 2 course .Our two open meetings also failed to attract many, despite having Alex Vickers, a brilliant speaker, at the second.

Brian Birtles said that the UKFast committee had agreed to pay for level 2 courses for their groundsmen and that we should publicise this. Other suggestions from the floor included working out which clubs had groundsmen who have not taken training and generally getting the clubs more involved.

Treasurer’s Report

We have a healthy bank balance mainly because we sold the equipment (income of £4200 over the past 2 years), but also because of low uptake on level 1 training. Dave said that two full level 1 courses would cost the CAG £4300 whereas this financial year we had run only one level 1 course and a level 3 with total cost £2,100.

We are still finding our way now we have total control over courses and costs (this changed a couple of years ago) so the amount of subsidy from the 4Cs will be reviewed with that committee in the light of experience.

Election of Officers

Two Officer vacancies – chairman and secretary.

Election of Chairman – Richard Cragg was proposed by Paul Agar, seconded by Dave Twiney and elected unopposed.

No volunteers for the post of Secretary – DT will continue.

There is also a vacant “non officer” position on the committee – no volunteers for that either, but later Andrew Horsfield has put himself forward.


Ian Schora said he is organising a machinery day at Hale Barns CC next spring. This will include demonstrations of different bits of groundcare equipment from the BPG contractor. Probably to be held on a Saturday morning.  Ian will advertise the day and details nearer the time .

Our new chairman, Richard Cragg closed the meeting and paid tribute to the excellent work done by Brian Huxley over the last 4 years he has been chairman of the Association.

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