Cheshire Association of Groundsmen

Chairman                                                                                Secretary                                                                                Treasurer

Brian Huxley                                                                                           Dave Twiney

Rothesey                                                                                                  31 Clay Lane

Church Road                                                                                            Timperley

Saugall Chester                                                                                        Cheshire

CH1 6EP                                                                                                  WA15 7 AF

Minutes of  AGM held at Timperley Sports Club on Monday 13/Nov at 7.30 p.m.

Present                    Brian Huxley(Saughall CC), Dave Twiney(Timperley), Brian Jarrard(Tattenhall),  Patrick Hutchinson(Oakmere), John Petch(Hale Barns), Paul Agar(Warrington), David Basford(Pott Shrigley) , Richard Cragg(Bramhall), Simon Green(Glazebury), Mark Higgs(PSD), Mike Garnett(Oulton Park), Andy Holt(Romily), Ian Schora(Hale Barns), Ian Hayes(Grappenhall), Glyn Roberts(CCCL Umpires), Colin Taylor(Timperley)

Apologies:  Nick James, Stan Aspinall, Geoff Mountford, Brian Birtles, Bob Page, Andy Horsefield

Minutes of last AGM

Brian Huxley summarised last AGM minutes and asked that these be accepted – agreed by the meeting.

Chairman’s Report

  Welcome to the 2017 AGM of the Cheshire Association of Groundsmen . 2017 has been a very interesting year for the CAG , we started the year with two ' Meet the Pitch Inspectors ' meetings at Oakmere and Hyde hosted by Paul Agar and Nick James . These proved very interesting and popular but were not as well attended as we had hoped, In March we had an excellent meeting covering the subject of Turf Disease given by Dr Kate Entwistle who is one of the leading experts in this field .

  The sale of our equipment is proceeding with just one machine available . The remaining Outreach Program visits have been completed and we will look to reintroducing them again in the future if we feel there is a demand .

  The Spring preparation course at Warrington was well attended but the bad weather prevented any outdoor practical work . The Autumn renovation course was held at Bramall as was the IOG Level 2 and for the first time ever we have arranged a Level 3 course at Timperley on 16th November . Our thanks to Warrington , Bramall and Timperley for hosting these courses .

 Our Facebook site is proving very popular with a swift response to any groundsmen’s problems from trouble with crows to sourcing a grassbox for an old mower and we urge all clubs to participate to share experiences or topics of interest .

 Thank you all for your support this year and as a committee we are committed to providing the very best level of service and support to all Groundsmen .


Secretary’s Report

Brian has largely covered my report on training.

I took over arranging courses from Brian Jarrard, as it happens our contact at the IOG also changed jobs so it took a little while to reach an agreement on how our bookings were to be managed.  This is still work in progress.

Treasurer’s Report

We started the year with £3,298 and finish the year with £7,917 – an increase of £4619. This was mainly due to selling the machinery which raised £3,775.  As Brian indicated the sale of the SISIS Autorake has fallen through – so I’ll advertise it again - first internally.

This is the second year of the change to how the Association is funded. We are basically a non profit making organisation, but this year at least we’ve made a profit.  Our outgoings are almost totally dependent on the number of people taking our heavily subsidised level 1 courses.

I suggest we leave things as they are this year and review at the next AGM.

Election of Officers

No offers to stand – so committee is unchanged with a vacancy for Secretary.


Nothing raised.

Brian closed the meeting at 20:00


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