Notes from the CAG AGM  2007


The I.O.G. LEVEL  2 (theory) and I.O.G.  LEVEL 1 PART B (Autumn work) courses were held this Autumn as planned - both were fully booked and seem to have been well received by participants.

A.G.M.    The AGM was held at WINNINGTON PARK CRICKET CLUB. Attendance was disappointing. The meeting was barely quorate - why was this? - let us know by contacting any member of the committee if there are things we can do to make the next meeting more successful.

The minutes from the meeting will be published - major points were -

Nick James is discussing with the various League bodies a reporting system to provide consistent marking of pitch preparation.

The CAG had 99 paid-up members this year and our bank balance shows a healthy surplus.

We hope to replace the linear aerator from the ECB trailer with one or more simpler scarifiers.

The committee were re-elected.

The next meeting should be arranged for January to include a speaker.

The speaker at the AGM was Alex Vickers who started his talk on the science behind rolling pitches - but had to leave to drive to see his sick father. He promised to return and complete the talk - which had already proved to be both entertaining and informative..


DJT 9/1/2008